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Dark Serenity

AU Modern Dark Fantasy

The Setting & Background

Dark Serenity is based in a world where vampires, lycans and witches have been known to exist since the birth of civilization. There have been instances throughout history where humans attempted to destroy one or all of them, often incited by those who fear what goes bump in the night. The Witch Hunts of old, inquisitors and hunters of the Catholic faith still stand opposed to these figures. During the 1700's, the inquisitors were led by a brilliant and ruthless man, Master Benard Costner. He created the Trials of Fate, an organized attempt to destroy the tainted and inhuman populations of the world. The ToF played on the fears of the common man, making him believe that his faith and place in Heaven, his fate would be decided by his truthfulness and vigilance in supporting the inquisitors.

The trials were successful, painfully so as much of the population of witches in the United Kingdoms, France and Spain were wiped out. It is believed most, if not all, were destroyed in Italy and northward into what was once the Holy Roman Empire. Even as society changed, invention and science took root, the place of the church never wavered. Roughly eighty percent of the world currently claims themselves to be Christian, whether of the Catholic faith or Protestant. All of them adhere to the call of the inquisitors, whether in truth or to mask their true faith or even what they are.

Dark Serenity takes place in this world, within Shadow Lake, a small city of approximately 75,000 near The Wind Range mountains, a stretch of the Rockies. Why this city rose up among this harsh land is one questioned by many outside of the founders, most of whom are still alive. When the UK was drawn into a great hunt, the city's sparse population started to bloom as witches and mundane men alike began to move across the Atlantic. The church took notice of this change in population over the last fifty years, but has stayed its hand as their push through the United Kingdom and much of Europe has drawn the ire of many and their power sits on a razor's edge because of the fanaticism revealed beyond mere words. Even the faithful still feel and see the blood spilled over the last century.

Shadow Lake is owned by the Fenrir Clan, an ancient pack of werewolves who hold the name of their Clan in pride, easily showing its roots in Norse Mythology. To listen to their claim, they have been in power in one form or another long before the rise of the Christian God. Led by an elder lycan, who was the bastard son of their last Alpha. Even with the control the pack has, hunters and inquisitors are not uncommon sights. Humans still hold all of the visual power and some even believe they actually have power inside of the city, which gained its high tourism because of superstition, powdered mountains in the winter, gambling and some of the largest festivals this side of the Atlantic.

Dark Serenity is a role-play board with a general plot, but progression is based heavily upon sub-plots formed by players, as opposed to a centric plot others are forced to web around.

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